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Exhibition Metaloobrabotka-2019 in moscow Introduce the structure characteristics of drilling machine by the fine carving machine manufacturer
Source:Ruize Click: Second Release time:2019-08-07 13:51:25
The manufacturer of the fine engraving machine introduced that according to the different structural characteristics of the drilling machine, the drilling machine can generally be divided into several types, such as hydraulic drilling machine, rotary drilling machine and hand-held drilling machine. The diameter of the drilling machine is 58.5190 mm, the depth of the drilling can reach hundreds of meters to kilometers. The reverse well drilling machine is mainly used to excavate the shaft, first drill with a small diameter bit. The guide hole is then replaced by reaming bit to expand the guide well.
According to the analysis of the fine carving machine manufacturer, the reverse drilling machine is divided into four types according to the drilling mode: standard, reverse, mixed and blind. The advantage of this method is that the working environment of the workers can be improved, there is no disturbance of blasting to surrounding rock, and the excavation speed is fast. The disadvantage is that the investment cost of equipment is high, and the requirement of geological conditions is high, so it is only suitable for the workers. Excavation of short and medium shaft.
Electric rock drill is driven by motor, which makes drill rod impact and rotation, completes drilling operation. The reliability, durability, safety and maintenance of drill are not as good as that of pneumatic rock drill. It is seldom used in water conservancy and Hydropower projects. The internal rock drill is a hand-held drill which integrates gasoline engine, compressor and rock drill. Rock tools are suitable for construction sites without power supply and compressed air.
Carving machine manufacturer tells us that at present, the maximum excavation depth of domestic reverse well drilling machine is 200 m, the maximum diameter of reaming hole is 2.Om, and the drilling angle is 500-900. Rock drilling trolley can be divided into two categories: excavation trolley and open-pit rock drilling trolley. The excavation trolley is also called multi-arm drilling trolley. It is mainly used for drilling boreholes and bolt holes in underground rock caverns. Equivalent holes are composed of trolley chassis, drill portion, propeller, pneumatic or hydraulic rock drill and control system.

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