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Canton fair - 2018 Talking about the difference of tapping between drilling machine and tapping
Source:Ruize Click: Second Release time:2019-08-05 16:38:49
Generally speaking, the bearing of the cutting tool and water-cooled spindle of the fine engraving machine is a fragile part. Tool damage is relatively common, it is easy to see, then the spindle bearing hidden in the spindle, how to judge whether the spindle bearing is damaged? When the bearing of the spindle is damaged, it will make abnormal sound, which can be easily distinguished. How to replace the bearing after it is damaged?
At the top of the spindle, we will see a very colored top cover with some inner hexagonal screw, which we can open with a wrench; at the center of the spindle, there is a round cover with pits, beside the spindle, there is a hole, which is also an inner hexagonal top screw, to twist the top wire out; and then we can take off the round cover; There is a screwy part on the lower casing of the spindle. We can screw it off with two wrenches, one on the top and one on the bottom. At this time, we can remove the black lid below and take out the rotor. We can take the bearing to the hardware market to buy the same one and replace it. It should be noted that when replacing the black lid, it must be tightened in order to prevent the leakage of the upper cover. Once the leakage occurs, it may lead to short circuit of the main shaft of the fine engraving machine.

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