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Gantry machine center LM-3013

    Min. Order:  1 Piece
    Port:  Shenzhen, China
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
    Application: Metal
    Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools, Metal-Forming CNC Machine Tools
    Movement Method: Contour Control
    Control Method: Closed-Loop Control
    Numerical Control: CNC/MNC
    Processing Precision: 0.01~0.02(mm)
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    0086 137 9489 6928
Product Details
Gantry machining center machine
A variety of door width design, a variety of stroke options to meet a variety of processing needs
Imported weight hydraulic system,Gearbox,Side spindle,Stepped beam

Working status:
Machine Features:
1. Product stability and reliability significantly improved, is the best-selling gantry processing machinery series.
2. Integrated gate and base structure.
3. A full range of additional head to provide you with more flexible processing capacity.
4. A very small footprint, but also play a powerful gantry cutting capabilities.
5. Highly commercial mature models, quality and prompt delivery.


Important parts:

X-axis travel mm20003200330030003000400042005000
Y-axis travel mm14001400185024002700270028003100
Z axis travel mm80080080010001000100010001000
Spindle nose to table distance mm70-870120-920240-1040200-1200200-1200200-1200200-1200200-1200
Longmen width mm14001400170022002500250027002900
Workbench area mm2000x10003000x10003300x15003000x18003000x21004000x21004200x21005000x2300
Maximum load kg30005000800080008000100001400018000
T-slot (width - slot number x spacing) mm7-22x1507-22x1508-22x1709-22x2009-28x2209-28x2209-28x22011-28x200
Spindle speed (standard) r.p.m60006000600060006000600060006000
Spindle taperBT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190BT50Φ190
Spindle drive modeBelt typeBelt typeDirectly typeBelt typeBelt typeBelt typeDirectly typeBelt type
Spindle power KW18.522222222222222
Chip feed mm/min80008000800080008000800080008000
Fast feed m/min12/10/1010/10/1015/15/1212/12/1012/12/1010/12/1012/12/1210/10/10
Line width / number of tracks mm2-45x2-45Y:ZHard track2-45x2-45Y:ZHard track2-55x2-55Y:ZHard track2-55x2-55Y:ZHard track2-55x2-55Y:ZHard track2-55x2-55Y:ZHard track3-63x2-63Y:4-45Z3-55x2-55Y:ZHard track
Three-axis motor function KW4.5/4.5/7.07.0/4.5/7.07.0/4.5/7.07.0/7.0/7.07.0/7.0/7.07.0/7.0/7.07.0/7.0/7.07.0/7.0/7.0
positioning accuracy mm0.035/10000.035/10000.035/10000.035/10000.035/10000.035/10000.035/10000.035/1000
Repeat accuracy mm0.025/10000.0251/10000.025/10000.025/10000.025/10000.025/10000.025/10000.025/1000
ControllerMISUBISHI: M80A/M80B, FANUC: 0i-MF, SIMENS 828D
Cutting water pump HP0.480.480.480.480.480.480.480.48
electricity demand KVA3540404545454545
Air pressure specifications bar6.
Mechanical weight kg1823252730385061
Mechanical dimensions mm5870x2630x37208370x2630x37207705x3286x41607800x4300x49507800x4450x49509800x4450x495010260x4950x480012860x4320x4600


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