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3 linears way cnc milling machine center V-13

    Port: Shenzhen, China
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
    Application: Metal
    Process Usage: Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools, CNC Non-Conventional Machine Tools, Metal-Forming CNC Machine Tools
    Movement Method: Contour Control
    Control Method: Closed-Loop Control
    Numerical Control: CNC/MNC
    Processing Precision: 0.01~0.02(mm)
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    0086 137 9489 6928
Product Details
High speed and high precision parts machining center
The top "high-rigidity structure design" is fast and efficient, and the efficiency is extraordinary

Machine description:
1, Tool magazine:
Disc-type automatic tool changer, the use of 3D cam tool change only 1.8 seconds cutter can accommodate 24 tools, can adapt to a variety of processing needs; easy to use tooling, the use of arbitrary, tool management and registration more convenient.
2, Spindle:
Knowing the nose of the spindle Head design with a ring of water Dandruff will maximize the transmission efficiency of the spindle motor, cutting rigidity, improve machining accuracy and extend spindle life.
3, No weight:
Z-axis with no weight design, with high-power brake servo motor to enhance Z-axis drive performance, to achieve high speed and best surface finish.
4, Slide:
Three-axis Taiwan HIWIN / PMI linear slide, with high rigidity, low noise, low friction, high sensitivity, can enhance the processing speed and accuracy.
5, Oil cooler:
Standard spindle oil cooler, to extend the service life of the spindle.

Machine Features:
1.The best bed structure design, can withstand high G inertia, as hard as rock, steady as Taishan.
2.Short nose spindle stiffness is particularly good, to improve efficiency and reduce tool wear.
3.Three-axis rapid displacement, significantly shortening the processing time.
4.High stability tool change system to reduce non-processing time.
5.After using chip-chip structure, easy to clean up debris, not easy to leak.
6.Three axes are high rigidity rail support, fast, high precision.

Working status:

Important parts:

X-axis travel mm60060080011001300
Y-axis travel mm400500500600700
Z axis travel mm450550500600700
Spindle nose to table distance mm170-620120-67090-640120-720120-820
Spindle center to column distance mm480520553665770
Workbench area mm700x420750x4501000x5001200x6001400x600
Maximum load kg350350600800850
T-slot number33355
T-size size mm1818181818
Spindle speed (standard) r.p.m10000100001000080008000
Spindle speed (special) r.p.m12000-1500012000-1500012000-150001200012000
Spindle end specificationsBT-40BT-40BT-40BT-40BT-40
Three-axis rapid feed mm/min4800048000480002400024000
Three-axis cutting feed mm/min1-100001-100001-100001-100001-10000
Three-axis motor power KW1.5/1.5/32/2/32/2/33/3/33/3/4.5
positioning accuracy mm±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300
Repeat accuracy mm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300
Cutting water pump HP1/21/21/21/21/2
Electricity demand KVA2020353535
Air pressure specification bar6~76~76~76~76~7
Mechanical weight kg37004200500072009000
Mechanical dimensions mm1850x2400x26002200x2500x26502400x2360x26503150x2700x28503550x2800x3035

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