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Development status of CNC engraving and milling machine tools
Source:Ruize Click: Second Release time:2019-08-05 16:33:27
In the field of mechanical manufacturing, the numerical control technology of machine tools is of great significance. With the continuous development of science and technology, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the quality and productivity of mechanical products, and the renewal of products is also accelerating. Therefore, the design and transformation of CNC machine tools have become an important aspect of industrial development. CNC milling machine, because it can better solve the processing problem of complex shape, precise small batch and multi-variable parts, can stabilize the processing quality and improve productivity, therefore, CNC milling machine has been vigorously developed in various countries in the world, and the speed of design and transformation is constantly accelerating.
The important components of CNC machine tools are CNC system, tool library and manipulator, CNC tool holder and turntable, spindle unit (including motorized spindle), ball screw pair and rolling guide pair, protective cover and CNC tool. The performance of these functional components has become the decisive factor of the performance of the whole machine. The NC system consists of display, servo controller, servo motor, switches and sensors. Of course, the development of ordinary machine tools to CNC machine tools is not only as simple as the installation system, for example: from milling machine to machining center, the structure of machine tools has changed, the most important thing is to add tool library, but also greatly improve the accuracy. The main functions of the machining center are milling, boring and drilling. China's CNC engraving and milling machine tool industry overall technical development capacity and technical foundation is weak, the application of information technology is not high. The existing information technology sources of the industry mainly rely on the introduction of foreign technology, and the foreign side has a dominant position in the core technology of many high-tech and new products. Our dependence on foreign technology is relatively high. The digestion of the imported technology still remains in mastering the existing technology and improving the localization rate, and has not risen to the formation of independent products. The height of development and technological innovation ability. High-performance and practical NC engraving and milling machine tools with high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage are basically dependent on imports. Compared with foreign products, the main gap in China is the high speed, high efficiency and precision of machine tools. High-speed machining technology has been studied abroad for many years. The mechanism of high-speed machining, machine tool structure, rigidity and precision of machine tools have been systematically studied. Various high-speed milling centers and high-speed machining centers have been developed and manufactured, which are widely used in aircraft aluminum alloy parts and die processing.
China's CNC machine tools have made great progress in product types, technology level, quality and output, and have also made significant breakthroughs in some key technologies. According to statistics, there are 1500 kinds of CNC machine tools available for market in our country, covering almost all kinds of metal cutting machine tools and main forging machines. With a wide range of fields, it can keep pace with Japan, Germany and the United States. This indicates that the domestic CNC machine tools have entered a period of rapid development.

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